Nepeta Cat's Pajamas is Exquisite in Your Garden

purple nepeta flowers
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Nepeta Cat's Pajamas is Exquisite in Your Garden

Let’s Call This One Faultless


Nepeta Cat’s Pajamas, commonly called catmint and catnip, is a 2021 perennial of the year and 2020 Penn State Top Performer is easy to grow, waterwise, versatile, long blooming, repeat blooming, heat tolerant, compact, hardy, wildlife resistant, pollinator friendly, and did we mention BEAUTIFUL? That’s quite a list, don’t you agree?

Many slower-growing perennials need much less water and can give you just as much beauty.  There are also a huge variety of drought-tolerant plants available that, once established, will do wonderfully with almost no irrigation.

nepeta with bright purple bloomsnepeta with bright purple blooms

Neatly mound-shaped with purple/blue wands that complement every garden color and virtually flame in the summer sun, your Zone 3-8 garden needs catmint Nepeta Cat’s Pajamas. This shorter (12-14” h), more compact (20” w) nugget of garden perfection is a flowering superstar whether planted alone, used as filler, or rising in mass. One of the longest blooming perennials nepeta appears in early spring and does not die back until repeat frosts.

A perennial with improved characteristics developed over four years by Proven Winners®, is versatile with long tendrils of color in blooms from tips to near soil level. Take advantage of the strengths of catnip Nepeta Cat’s Pajamas and use it in pots and patio containers, for underplanting roses (it hides their bare feet), and in pollinator gardens, perennial borders, along paths, and in wildflower, xeriscape, and rock gardens.

You’ll enjoy multiple bloom cycles and loads of pollinators. You can cut back nepeta Cat’s Pajamas after its first bloom to promote reblooming, or to shape before it blooms again. Even the leaves of the spent blooms have a purple hue. An exceptional garden perennial that resists deer and rabbits and tolerates heat and drought magnificently.

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