Tips and Inspiration for Growing Fragrant, Beautiful Peonies

pink peony bush in yard
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Tips and Inspiration for Growing Fragrant, Beautiful Peonies

Peony Plants Are Long-living Perennials You Can Enjoy for Decades and Through Generations

Why Choose Peonies for Your Garden?

Peonies are elegant flowers. Their bloom form can resemble a rose, where every flower is a stunning work of art. Whether nestled in a cozy cottage garden or standing tall in a formal landscape, peonies bring a distinct fragrance and exceptional blooms.

Peonies have a variety of color, from soft pastels to vibrant reds and stunning cream, these blooms are sure to capture attention. With so many colors and shapes to choose from, there's a peony type for everyone's liking.

Peony Companion Plants

Make your garden even more captivating by pairing peonies with the contrasting flower shape and foliage of graceful irises. Try blending romantic roses with the lush leaves of peony plants, or the cheerful look of daisies peeking out from below. For a combination of sweet scents add lavender, or ornamental grasses with your peonies for a mix of textures and colors.

Where to Plant Peonies

Peonies love soaking up the sunshine. Pick a spot in your yard with at least 6 hours of sunlight each day for the best flowers. Whether in a garden bed, along a border garden’s edge, or as a standout focal point, peonies will add an impressive display.

Peony plants are hardy and resilient, able to withstand a range of climates and conditions. With proper care and attention, gardeners in most US Hardiness Zones can grow peonies and enjoy their enchanting beauty. Most types of peonies are hardy in Zone 3-8 with some variation for even colder and warmer Zones depending on the type you choose.

Are you ready to start growing peonies in your garden?  They're a low-maintenance choice, ideal for our busy lives. Add a bit of classic beauty to your outdoor living space with these charming blooms.