Azalea Bloom-a-Thon® Lavender

You can't stop a Bloom-a-thon®!

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These gorgeous evergreen shrubs flower in spring and again in mid- to late summer through fall. They're cold hardier than others and quite heat tolerant. They're also compact enough for container gardens, and they self-deadhead, meaning even more flower! It's nearly impossible to keep a Azalea Bloom-a-Thon® Lavender down!

A Proven Winners® Color Choice® selection, Azalea Bloom-a-Thon® Lavender is part of a series of ultra-compact, evergreen Azaleas suitable for containers as well as the garden. Far longer-blooming than any other, they repeat all season, even self-cleaning the spent blooms to keep the shrub looking its best. Impervious to heat and humidity and far cold-hardier than most other selections, they are simply unstoppable!

Selected for its unusual flower color and great garden performance, Bloom-a-Thon® Lavender has been thoroughly tested in trial gardens all around the world. It is a superior performance in a wide range of climates and conditions. Won't you try it in the garden or on the deck this season? Zones 7-9.

Tangerine Delight Azalea Azaleas and Rhododendrons have been interbred since the first plants were scooped out of the dirt, and for a while these "crossbreeds" were even referred to by some ghastly name — Azaleodendrons or the like.

The old rule of thumb used to be that Azaleas are deciduous and Rhododendrons evergreen, but if that was ever true, it isn't anymore.

The differences between the two are slight, so slight in fact that botanists do not break them into the two groups that gardeners have come to know. Rhododendrons have 10 stamens per flower, while Azaleas have only five. While both can be deciduous, that trait is typically seen more in Azaleas than Rhododendrons. The shape of the leaves is often another indicator, with larger, paddle-shaped leaves typical of Rhododendrons, Azaleas often have smaller, elliptical leaves and trumpet, or tubular-shaped flowers at the ends of the shoots.



Azaleas prefer a soil of high organic content, markedly on the acid side, ideally with a pH range of 4.5 to 6. If necessary, soil sulfur or aluminum sulfate should be added to acidify neutral or alkaline soils. Ample quantities of leaf mold, well-decomposed compost or peat moss, which will help make it acidic, should be incorporated into the soil prior to planting. Set plants out in a shaded or partially shaded location (the more shade the further south you are), in a location protected against drying winds. Soil should be moisture-retentive but well-drained.

Spacing is determined by the ultimate size of the plants chosen and by the rapidity with which you wish to achieve landscape effect – in general 3 to 5 feet apart is proper. Of paramount importance is the depth to which Azaleas should be planted – never set the plants with the top of the root ball any deeper than the surrounding soil level!


Because they are shallow rooted, Azaleas should not be cultivated. Instead, use a mulch of for example pine needles or leaf mold. This will hold moisture and discourage weeds. In poor soils, or to enhance slow-decaying mulch, add a special azalea fertilizer in spring before new growth appears. Water deeply once a week when there is little or no rainfall. Prune after flowering only as necessary to remove dead or unwanted branches; pinching the tips of new shoots will encourage bushiness.


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Tips for gardening in particularly hot, dry climates:

1. Water with a drip system whenever possible – soak the bed slowly and thoroughly to a depth of 10" to 12".

2. Watering deeply every 3 to 5 days is preferable to a shallow daily watering.

3. Water in the early morning, so foliage has time to dry.

4. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch or similar material to aid in water retention and help keep the roots cool during hot weather.