Blooming Blocks / Mums

Extend your garden's vibrant colors into fall with Blooming Blocks Mums. These pre-planted, nutrient-rich blocks feature fuss-free mums that bloom consistently. Simply choose, plant, and enjoy late-season beauty without hassle - they're garden-ready and only from Wayside Gardens!

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Keep your garden brimming with bright color right up to the first fall frost with Blooming Blocks. The best and easiest way to plant autumn annuals, these nutrient-rich blocks are pre-planted in captivating combinations of unfussy flowers that bloom uniformly and continually throughout fall. These late-blooming beauties brighten the edges of walks, prettify patio pots, and create charming hanging baskets to greet visitors at your front door.

And if you thought it couldn't get any better, they are delivered garden ready! Just pick your Blooming Block, plant it directly in your pot with plenty of soil, and place it in the sun—that's it. Nothing could be easier or more rewarding. 

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