Vaccinium Razz Blueberry

Vaccinium 'Razz' Blueberry

Flavorful Berries with Distinct Raspberry Overtones

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Get the best of both worlds—blueberry yumminess combined with a raspberry bite—with Vaccinium 'Razz' Blueberry. This Northern Highbush will delight you with masses of medium to large berries, dark blue with a nice "frosting" and a fresh, never mushy texture. And when the berries pass, Vaccinium 'Razz' Blueberry offers a second season of beauty with orange and red fall foliage.

Blueberries are pretty easy to grow, and Vaccinium 'Razz' Blueberry springs right up in any full-sun, well-drained soil setting. If the pH is acidic and the soil quite loose, all the better. Creamy blooms will arise before spring is out, not too showy in themselves but a magnet for butterflies. And before you know it, the flowers have been replaced by nubby little green berries that ripen in midseason.

Although this fruit looks like (and really is) a blueberry, it has distinctive raspberry flavor overtones. This gives you a tart bite in every soft, sweet blueberry. Very yummy, and a nice change of pace from traditional varieties.

Vaccinium 'Razz' Blueberry is quite disease resistant, so you can expect healthy branching and big yields every season. And the autumn foliage changes are stunning—you will find excuses to visit this shrub long after the berries are harvested, just to watch the orange and scarlet leaves catch the sun's rays and eventually pool around the shrub as it shuts down for winter.

Make Vaccinium 'Razz' Blueberry part of your edible garden this season. Its performance is stellar, and the flavor of its berries really unique. Whether you like your blueberries canned, frozen, or fresh from the shrub, Vaccinium 'Razz' Blueberry will please you for many seasons to come.