Bonide Systemic Rose & Flower Care

Bonide Systemic Rose & Flower Care

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Intensify Bloom Power and Destroy Pests
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2 Pounds

Description / Bonide Systemic Rose & Flower Care

A fertilizer and insecticide in one, Bonide's Systemic Rose and Flower Care boosts bloom strength while also destroying many common pests that attack roses as well as other perennials and shrubs. A single application lasts up to 8 weeks, making this a very effective way to control the damage that unwanted nibblers can do to your favorite hybrid teas, floribundas, and more.

Specifically targeted to aphids, borers, Japanese beetles, and thrips, Bonide Systemic Rose contains a mix of 8% nitrogen, 12% phosphorus, and 4% potassium. The active insecticide is 0.22% imidachloprid, which becomes absorbed by plants through the roots, protecting it for weeks. Harmless to plants and safe to use around pets, it is a superb way to control unwanted insects in the garden.

This granular formula is easy to sprinkle on the soil around your roses. This 2-pound box will treat:
8 shrubs
16 roses
96-square-foot flowerbed

In addition to the major pests for which it is targeted, Bonide Systemic Rose and Flower Care is also effective against adelgids, aphids, black vine weevil larvae, roundheaded borers, flatheaded borers, Japanese beetles, lacebugs, leaf beetles, leafhoppers, leafminers, mealy bugs, pine tip moth larvae, psylids, royal palm bugs, sawfly larvae, scales (armored and soft), thrips, and whiteflies. Wow. Now that's superior protection.

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Size 2 Pounds
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