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Daphne Briggs Moonlight

Daphne 'Briggs Moonlight'

Daphne x burkwoodii 'Briggs Moonlight'

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We are delighted to offer this rare Daphne, prized not only for its unusual reverse variegation (the centers are yellow, the edges green!) but for its exceptionally strong growth habit. Boasting fragrant pink blooms in early summer and semi-evergreen foliage, this neat little shrub is a fine accent planting or container specimen!

A sport of the beloved Carol Mackie Daphne, Briggs Moonlight has inherited the intense floriferousness and ready growth of its parent, but instead of white-edged leaves, the foliage is golden with a thin green edge! Magnificent year-round, the semi-evergreen leaves stand out beautifully in any setting on shrubs just 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

Best of all is the vigorous growth habit of this shrub. Often Daphnes with variegated foliage tend to be much less gardenworthy than their green cousins, but not Briggs Moonlight! It reaches its mature size within 5 or 6 years and blooms heavily, filling the early summer garden with that rich, evocative Daphne scent that gardeners love so much!

Discovered at Briggs Nursery in Washington State, Briggs Moonlight is a fine in a variety of climates and conditions. Give it full sun in the north, light shade farther south. Zones 4-7.