Tillandsia xerographica in a Hanging Pot

Tillandsia xerographica in a Hanging Pot

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The most unique and fun gift plant of the season, this "wild hair" bromeliad will charm all who receive it! Shipped already planted and growing in an artistic white ceramic hanging pot (that can also be placed on flat surfaces), this Tillandsia xerographic is "the" houseplant to get!

The leaves are simply crazy, long and slender, naturally twisted every which way, and colored a cool silvery green with pink overtones and flushes. They spill out from the big holes in this container, adding distinctive texture and a great silhouette to any setting. Talk about waking up a room with plants!

The ceramic planter is rounded, with large openings and a flat base for displaying on a table, mantel, or desk. A toggle and leather strap at the top offer a sturdy support for hanging. And the glossy white color complements any setting!

This planter measures 7 inches high and 6 inches in diameter at the widest part. It's just right for home or office, and the bromeliad it contains is very easy to maintain with misting. This air plant needs almost no attention to thrive for years!

Put this fun and attractive gift plant at the top of your list for the holidays and beyond! Order now, while availability is good.

Box Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 9