Succulents in Decorative Teardrop

Succulents in Decorative Teardrop

Succulent Gift
Item # 22532
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An extraordinary gift of living color and texture, this hanging teardrop container is filled with succulents. It is one of the most amazing finds of the season, and we are honored to bring it to you. Add it to your list today, being careful to include at least one for yourself!

Unlike most other hanging terrariums, this sturdy woven copper design accommodates both hanging (from a strong loop at the top, supported by a solid copper cap) and setting on a flat surface, such as a tabletop, desk, or mantel. The lantern shape has a flat base, so you can quickly improvise a centerpiece with it, move it to the bedside table of the guest room to delight a visiting friend, or place it on a workstation, where the details of its beauty can be enjoyed up close.

The teardrop container arrives with several varieties of succulents already growing well in the moss-filled base. These tropical plants are native to rain forests, and grow by absorbing water through their leaves and flowers rather than their roots. This makes them ideal for this container, for you can simply mist them right through the open-weave copper wire. They may eventually bloom in bright shades of red, rose, orange, and yellow, but their foliage is so attractive, they look great year-round!

Dimensions: 9"H x 5" Dia.

Available to ship September 18.