Hyacinthus / Hyacinth

Hyacinths bring enchantment with their vibrant, fragrant spikes that perfume gardens. Explore the myriad of colors they offer, nurture their growth with care insights, and savor the intoxicating scent they bring to your outdoor oasis.

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There's nothing like the fragrance of Hyacinth in the late-spring garden! These bulbs burst forth with brilliant shades of blue, yellow, white, pink, purple, and more, proving long-lasting indoors and out. Hyacinths (a member of the large and lovely lily family!) are versatile and easy to grow, even forced indoors for late-winter displays. The strong stems of Hyacinth keep them beautiful and upright out in the garden, a trait just as valuable when they are added to cutflower bouquets! Plant Hyacinth with Tulips, Daffoldils, and other spring bloomers!

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