Bushel and Berry® Blackberry Baby Cakes®

Bushel and Berry® Blackberry Baby Cakes®

Rubus hybrid 'APF-236T' PP#27,032

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Good news container gardeners: this new blackberry bush is just for you! It is incredibly compact, yet produces just as heavily as a full sized shrub. Delicate white flowers become dark, delicious berries and stand out against attractive green foliage. Best of all, Baby Cakes® often offers a second harvest in fall!

This dwarf shrub is nicely branched and simply covered in blooms beginning in late spring and continuing into summer. By midsummer the berries have arisen, held in big sprays near the top of the plant, which simplifies the harvesting. And there are no thorns to make picking the fruit difficult. You can plant Baby Cakes® fearlessly near a heavily trafficked area, secure in the knowledge that passersby will not be stabbed by prickles and thorns!

Just 3 to 4 feet high and wide, Baby Cakes™ is part of the Bushel and Berry® series of compact, ornamental edibles. The fruit is large, sweet, and juicy. And the foliage stays green and fresh until winter. So easy, so attractive season after season!