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Caladium Autumn Beauty

Caladium 'Autumn Beauty'

Caladium hortulanum 'Autumn Beauty'

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Autumn is a glorious time in the garden where the foliage interests really come to life and this Fancy leaf caladium is one of the many to show its true colors! Caladiums are the sweethearts of the garden with their large heart-shaped leaves and dramatic variegation that draws the eyes even from a distance. Autumn Beauty is an exceptional variety that features pale green leaves shot through with deep fuchsia vein that spread like red lightning across the lush lime backdrop. What a show!

This caladium grows best in dappled shade or a mix of morning sun and afternoon shade but it is capable of full sun in certain climates. When planted in shadows Autumn Beauty produces a more yellow coloration while sunlight tends to bring out its coral orange tones. Caladiums are fast growers and this one does exceptionally well in indoor containers. Try it in your home today!