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Caladium Sea Foam Pink

Caladium 'Sea Foam Pink'

A Sun Tolerant Fancy-Leaved Variety

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A member of the fancy novelty caladium cultivar group, 'Sea Foam Pink' is a sun tolerant, fancy-leaved variety with 12-inch leaves characterized by a novel coloration pattern of yellow-green margins and background with contrasting pale veins, multiple red-purple blotches scattered between primary veins, and small white spots in the center. Although it performs well in sun, it grows quicker, becomes larger, produces larger leaves, and displays brighter colors when grown in dappled shade.

Resulting from a cross between 'Carolyn Whorton' and 'Miss Muffet', in Bradenton, FL, in 2005, 'Sea Foam Pink' was asexually propagated for 10 generations with plant, foliar, and growth characteristics being stable and consistent. Although a cultivar in the 'Miss Muffet' subgroup, 'Sea Foam Pink' consistently performs better than 'Miss Muffet' in summer garden trials, producing plants that are taller and wider and leaves that are longer and wider.

Caladium bulbs originated in the Amazon Basin, which is why they require and thrive in the warm summer day and night temperatures. Caladiums enjoy moist soils, especially important in sunny locations, and thrive in heat and humidity and should be planted when soil temperatures reach at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uses: Container, Mixed Beds, Shade Gardens, Sun Gardens, Borders, Houseplants

Companion Plants: Annuals, Hosta, Ferns, Foliage Plants