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MiniFamous® Calibrachoa Double Rose Chai (pack of 3)

MiniFamous® Calibrachoa Double Rose Chai (pack of 3)

Calibrachoa MiniFamous™ Double Rose Chai

What did we do with our hanging baskets before MiniFamous® came along?! This Mini Petunia (Calibrachoa) is absolutely the best trailing annual for hot, dry, long-summer climates . . . which is just about everywhere! The most popular series in America, MiniFamous® earns its reputation by delivering hundreds and thousands of brilliant blooms to hanging baskets, planters, windowboxes, and tubs all over the country! And now there are double-flowered varieties in this series, with twice the color show!

Double Rose Chai is the most attention-getting color in the series yet, absolutely showstopping from 50 paces and even better upon closer inspection! It combines beautifully with all the single- and double-flowered varieties in the MiniFamous® series.

Like all the MiniFamous® varieties, this plant is 6 to 10 inches high, with new 1- to 2-inch blooms coming up in the center all season long. (No flat-tops here!) It simply covers itself in flowers, and drops them neatly when they pass -- no deadheaded needed, ever! Expect it to trail 2 feet long (easily) and to bloom from late spring -- a couple weeks sooner than other Calibrachoa series -- through summer and into fall. Once it gets going, heat won't bother it, drought won't stress it, and hummingbirds won't leave it alone! For heaviest flowering, of course, treat it well, with good potting soil and plenty of water and food. But don't be surprised when it's the only plant still looking good at noon on that triple-digit-temperature August day!

Each pot contains 1 plant. Contains three 4-inch pots.