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MiniFamous® Calibrachoa Neo Cherry Red

MiniFamous® Calibrachoa Neo Cherry Red

Calibrachoa 'KLECA14270' PP#27,053

The only thing better than a MiniFamous® Calibrachoa (mini petunia) is a member of the Neo family! This group within the MiniFamous® series combines great uniformity in size with earlier blooms and a semi-trailing, self-cleaning habit. If you want nonstop flowers from late srping into fall, you've got to get Neo!

These intensely colored blooms are a deep, rich red with a darker eye. So richly colored they seem to glow, the velvety petals are subtly outlined in darker red, and look almost magenta in the center. There's nothing like them!

And you will have plenty of opportunities to admire these blooms, because they appear in almost unbelievable numbers, nonstop from late spring (in most climates) through summer and into fall. When the old blooms pass, they drop neatly from the plant, so you never have to deadhead. And new buds are already opening to take their place!

Unlike older Calibrachoa varieties, MiniFamous® blooms open even on cloudy and overcast days. This plant begins flowering with the first warm weather of spring and continues nonstop through summer and fall, sometimes ending only with hard frost. You just won't believe the flower power -- keep the plant fed and watered, and it will repay you with an amazing season that seems to go on forever.

Each pot contains one plant. Includes three 4-inch pots.