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Geranium Calliope® Dark Red  (pack of 3)

Geranium Calliope® Dark Red (pack of 3)

Pelargonium x Calliope® Dark Red

Plant Patent 20,245. Cultivar name: 'Amri Trared'

Calliope® Dark Red can stand the heat and deliver it back with twice the intensity through the glowing crimson of its feisty blooms. Its rose red flowers stand out even more thanks to its light green foliage. A cross of zonal and ivy-leaf type Geraniums, it's semi-mounding, semi-trailing, and all beautiful! This variety is the most heat and drought tolerant by far and will faithfully present its red-carpet worthy blossoms all summer long. Calliope® Dark Red is even resilient to heavy rain and is quick to shake off those sudden summer storms that plague so many parts of the country. Pros and new gardeners alike will love the easy beauty that this geranium offers.