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Canna Red Dazzler

Canna 'Red Dazzler'

A Touch of the Tropics

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Of course, these flamboyant bright rose to red flowers are, well ... dazzling, but cannas are such excellent foliage plants, the blooms are almost just a bonus. The gorgeous, large lettuce-green leaves that sheathe the strong, sturdy stems supporting the showy flower spikes are equally impressive and have a stunning visual impact at the height of summer.

To say these dramatic architectural plants add ornamental interest to the garden is an understatement. The prolific long-lasting blooms and wonderfully lush foliage lend an exotic flare that's simply beyond compare.

Heat- and humidity-loving, they mingle well with other annuals and perennials, especially those that share the canna lily's tropical temperament. Grouped or massed, they create a theatrical backdrop for shorter plants in beds and borders, but they also make spectacular screens in mild climates and can even be grown in a large container.

Tough, strong growing, and low maintenance, these herbaceous perennials thrive in rich, slightly acidic soil and bloom best in full sun. Deadheading will keep the blooms, and the hummingbirds, coming. But the flowers are sterile and do not set seed. Cannas tend to be thirsty and hungry, so keep the plant well-watered and well-fed with plenty of compost or organic fertilizer.