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CannaSol™ Emily®

CannaSol™ 'Emily'®

Canna hybrid 'Happy Carmen'

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'Emily' boasts a bright yellow color that will shine in your landscape like the sun! Its large golden flowers bloom continuously for garden perfections. It is self cleaning and has a compact habit. These flowers are also great for cutting and indoor growing near a sunny window. Just imagine these stunning yellow blooms in your next arrangement! It does best in sunny or shady beds in the summer garden, as well as in containers of all kinds. In all but tropical areas, the bulbs should be dug up in fall and stored indoors for replanting in spring (or the container moved to a frost-free area, such as indoors near a bright window). Every few years, when the flowering diminishes, dig up the bulb in early fall and divide it into new plants. Feed heavily during the growth period for even bigger, better blooms! You will love this easy, adaptable plant!