Wayside Signature Series
Rose Carding Mill®

Rose Carding Mill®

Rosa hybrid 'AUSwest'

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Cultivar Name: 'Auswest'.

The straight stems, bushy foliage, rounded habit, and strong myrrh fragrance are all great attributes, but what truly sets Carding Mill® apart are the blooms! Each petal sports a rich, dark apricot color on its inside and a much paler yellow color on its outside. The overall effect is bicolor look with a very subtle transition.The culmination of over 60 years' work, the English Roses represent the first totally new development in Roses since the introduction of the Hybrid Teas in the 1860s and the Floribundas in the early 1930s. Since then, breeders have faced a nasty dilemma: grow the high-performing modern hybrids, but miss out on fragrance and double blooms, or grow the richly-scented antique roses, but miss out on the hybrid's great performance and flower power. This is why David Austin bred his own, third group: the English Rose, which combines the unique form and rich fragrance of antique roses with the health and heavier blooming of modern hybrids. English roses are the best of both worlds!

Originally introduced to American gardeners by Wayside Gardens, the English Roses have created a sensation among Rose growers, and because of their superior performance have caused all gardeners to reassess the value of Roses in general as garden plants. Wayside is proud to present to you here the very best of the English Roses, like Carding Mill®!

Plant Carding Mill® in a sunny (or lightly shaded) spot with rich, moist, and well-draining soil. It will reward you with plenty of petals and a lovely Myrrh fragrance! Ownroot. Zones 5 to 9.