Caryopteris BEYOND PINK'D™

The Darkest Pink Caryopteris on the Market

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Bluebeards are popular plants valued for their profuse clusters of flowers and long season of color, lasting through summer and even through fall, when many plants are fading. For a Caryopteris, BEYOND PINK'D is not only exceptionally floriferous but also uniquely colored: its spires of flowers, stacked in neat layers along the stem, are the darkest (and possibly the prettiest) pink of any Caryopteris on the market. So, you can expect a bounty of blooms as well as beaucoup butterflies, beneficial insects, and hummingbirds, who will appreciate the late season bounty. Seed heads follow the blooms and make nice additions to dried arrangements.

With dense, aromatic foliage—large, glossy, and spearmint green—this deciduous shrub is attractive from the moment it emerges in spring, even before it begins to bloom. Neat and compact, it fits in almost any small space, but its fast-growing, easy-blooming nature makes it perfect for containers. It is deer resistant, and once it's established, it is drought resistant, too.

It shined in garden trials and it will in your garden, too.

Uses: Borders, Mass Plantings, Mixed Beds, Containers, Pollinator Gardens