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The Best In Form, Fragrance, And Performance!

Choose the roses that are best for your garden, and start enjoying their timeless beauty!

Every garden needs Roses, but with so many types on the market, it can be difficult to find dependable varieties. You can rely on Wayside Gardens for top-quality Roses that are extremely easy and rewarding. Our Roses are truly exceptional in color, habit, fragrance, and garden performance!

With so many types from which to choose, you're sure to find the perfect rose for everything from patio containers to hedge plantings to trellises and arbors. Adorn your landscape with the rich color of these blooms, or create cutflower bouquets so you can enjoy their beauty and fragrance throughout your home.

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  • Angel Face Floribunda Rose
    Bareroot As Low As $22.95
  • Rose Carding Mill®
    Ownroot $26.95
  • Rose Disneyland® Floribunda
    Ownroot As Low As $22.95
  • Rosa John F. Kennedy Hybrid Tea
    Bareroot $26.95
  • Rose Molineux™
    Ownroot $26.95
  • Rose Altissimo®
    Bareroot $22.95
  • Rose At Last®
    1-Quart $26.95
  • Rose Black Cherry™ Floribunda
    Bareroot Budded As Low As $22.95
  • Rose Burgundy Iceberg™ Floribunda
    Bareroot As Low As $24.95
  • Rose Darcey Bussell
    Bareroot $28.95
  • Rose Eden™
    2-Quart $22.95
  • Rose Gentle Hermione
    Ownroot $28.95
  • Rose Graham Thomas®
    Bareroot Budded $28.95
  • Rose Iceberg
    Ownroot As Low As $22.95
  • Rose James Galway™
    Ownroot $28.95
  • Rose Lady of Shalott™
    Ownroot $28.95
  • Rose Olivia Rose Austin
    Bareroot Budded $28.95
  • Rose Oso Easy® Italian Ice
    1-Quart $18.95
  • Rose Princess Alexandra Of Kent
    Bareroot $28.95
  • Rose Queen of Sweden™
    Ownroot $26.95
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