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Light Requirements

  • Full Sun
  • Part Shade
  • Shade

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Hardy Ferns

Fine, Feathery Texture That Cleans the Air

Few plants impart such a light, airy, cooling effect, or provide such a range of textures for the garden as Ferns. They like a light, highly organic soil with ample moisture during their growing season, more so as the plants are becoming established. Our plants are of northern ancestry for extra hardiness, and perform better and better with age. Do not plant too deep; set the crowns at or just below soil level. A year-round mulch is recommended.

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  • Athyrium 'Ghost'
    4-inch Pot As Low As $14.95
  • Athyrium Japanese Painted Fern
    1-Quart As Low As $12.95
  • Athyrium Regal Red
    1-Quart $12.95
  • Cyrtomium Japanese Holly Fern
    1-Quart $14.95
  • Dryopteris Brilliance™
    4-inch Pot $14.95
  • Dryopteris Buckler Fern
    1-Quart $14.95
  • Dryopteris Golden Mist™
    1-Quart $14.95
  • Matteuccia struthiopteris
    1-Quart $14.95
  • Matteucia 'The King'
    1-Quart $14.95
  • Polyblepharum Tassel Fern
    4-inch Pot As Low As $14.95
  • Variegatum Polygonatum odoratum Solomon's Seal Plant
    Bareroot $12.95
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