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As gardeners, we're dedicated to creating the most beautiful, longest-lasting displays we possibly can. We do it because it's our passion and something that brings us enormous joy and satisfaction. The last thing we want is any of our gardening tasks to become a chore.

That's why at Wayside Gardens, we are dedicated to finding and providing the best quality tools and supplies available in order to allow you to perform those necessary tasks with as much ease and comfort as possible and to make sure those plants you've so lovingly chosen have the very best chance to grow strong and healthy! From our organic plant foods and pest repellents to our energy-saving pruners and convenient coldframes, we have exactly what you want and need! We're always adding new items, so be sure to check back often.

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  • Yorkshire Window Box-White
    As Low As $47.95
  • Yellow LadyBug Loft
    Yellow $57.95
  • Ye Olde Birde House
    Cypress $149.95
  • Work Gloves
    Options Available As Low As $20.95
  • WonderSoil™ Expanding Potting Mix
    5 lb $32.95
  • White LadyBug Loft
    White $57.95
  • White Bluebird Cottage Bird House
    White $69.95
  • Western Red Cedar Planter Boxes
    As Low As $159.99
  • Western Cedar Planter (Square)
    Western Red Cedar $99.95
  • Western Cedar Planter (Rectangular)
    Accessories $119.95
  • Vintage Wren Bird House
    Cypress $59.95
  • Vintage Gatehouse Bird House
    Cypress $79.95
  • Vintage Bluebird Bird House
    Cypress $199.95
  • Vineyard Classic Arbor
    Finished Steel $275.95
  • Vienna Trellis
    White Vinyl $169.99
  • Vienna Arched Ladder Arbor
    Accessories $289.99
  • Victorian Parasol Planter
    Accessories As Low As $59.95
  • Victorian Hanging Basket
    As Low As $43.95
  • Versailles Raised Garden Bed
    65" sq White $189.99
  • Vermont Portable Weather Station Living Finish Brass
    Light Antique Brass $51.95
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View All (271 Items)