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Lavandula (Lavender)

Legendary fragrance, for container or hedge!

The refreshing, clean fragrance of lavender has been known and appreciated for many years! The fresh leaves and flowers of lavender are used to make a soothing tea or to add a unique and subtle flavor to cakes and sweets; dried, it's added to potpourris, sachets, and perfumes. Lavender can grow up to 3 feet tall, with narrow, gray-green foliage topped with lavender, violet, or pink bloom spikes in summer. This popular and easy-to-grow herb is excellent for a border, container, or rock garden and makes a beautifully aromatic hedge!

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  • Phenomenal Lavender
    As Low As $9.95
  • Anouk Deep Rose Spanish Lavender
    1-Quart Was $12.95
    Now $11.66
  • Big Time Blue Lavender
    1-Quart $12.95
  • Violet Intrigue Lavender
    1-Quart $12.95
  • Lavender Hidcote Blue
    4 1/2-inch Pot $12.95
  • Munstead Lavender
    1-Quart As Low As $12.95
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