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Prolific Floribundas

Profuse blooms in a range of exciting colors

A cross of polyantha and hybrid teas, these compact and well-branched varieties are the friend of any busy gardener who values reliable floral presence. Floribundas are incredibly prolific, offering near endless waves of colorful and shapely blossoms. They are ideal for mass planting and filling large areas with low-maintenance beauty.

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  • Rose Angel Face Floribunda
    Bareroot $22.95
  • Rose Moondance Floribunda
    Bareroot As Low As $22.95
  • Rose Disneyland® Floribunda
    Ownroot As Low As $22.95
  • Bordeaux® Citiscape® Floribunda Rose
    2-Quart As Low As $26.95
  • Angel Face Floribunda Rose
    Bareroot As Low As $22.95
  • Rose Black Cherry™ Floribunda
    Bareroot Budded As Low As $22.95
  • Rose Iceberg
    Ownroot Was As Low As $22.95
    Now As Low As $13.77
  • Rose Burgundy Iceberg™ Floribunda
    Bareroot As Low As $24.95
  • Plum Perfect™ Sunbelt® Floribunda Rose
    Ownroot $24.95
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