Lovely color and texture for shade

For eye-catching texture and color in the shade garden, you can't beat Athyriums. These easy-to-grow ferns display a broad range of foliage colors and forms, from the stunning silvery and brightly colored Japanese Painted Ferns to the lacy fronds of Lady Ferns. Tolerant of heat and humidity, they thrive over much of North America, proving outstanding in shaded borders and woodland gardens. Many Athyriums are popular as house or hanging plants, and they make lovely companions to Hostas, Brunneras, and flowering perennials.

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  • Athyrium Regal Red
    1-Quart $12.95
  • Athyrium 'Ghost'
    4-inch Pot As Low As $14.95
  • Athyrium Japanese Painted Fern
    1-Quart As Low As $12.95
  • Athyrium Burgundy Lace
    4-inch Pot $14.95
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