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Fantastic Tulip

Perhaps the most popular of all bulbs

Tulips are very easy to grow: just plant the bulb, and you'll be rewarded with jewel-bright color! From brilliant miniatures to huge lush doubles, Tulips are valued for their presence in the garden and containers as well as long-lasting cut flowers. With a wealth of colors (cream, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow, apricot, black, blue, and many more!) and forms available, Tulips can provide years of fantastic color, and sometimes, lovely fragrance! Plant Tulip bulbs this fall, and your spring garden will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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  • Tulip Marathon Mix
    Pack of 20 Was $19.95
    Now $13.97
  • Tulip Ice Age
    Pack of 10 Was $14.95
    Now $7.48
  • Tulip Barbados
    Pack of 10 Was As Low As $12.95
    Now As Low As $9.07
  • Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix
    Pack of 20 $11.95
  • Tulip Double Dazzle Mix
    Pack of 15 $18.95
  • Tulip Texas Flame
    Pack of 10 $14.95
  • Tulip Muscari Mix
    Pack of 10 $8.95
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