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Wayside Signature Series

Unique, Exceptional and Highly Recommended

We know that as gardeners, you're always seeking something that really stands out for one reason or another. So, we've put together a selection of plants that are truly special, whether because of an exciting new bloom color or form, improved hardiness, greater disease resistance, or another distinguishing feature. We recommend plants that impress us and varieties considered exceptional by other horticultural experts. Check our new Signature Series section often, because we'll continue to bring you unique and exciting things!

Look for this symbol, which indicates a Wayside Signature Series plant.

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  • Royal Heritage™ Strain Lenten Rose
    Pack of 6 $49.95
  • Chinese Snowball
    2-Quart $19.95
  • Goldspire™ Ginkgo
    Trade Gallon (3qt) As Low As $39.95
  • Fujimusume Clematis
    1-Quart $22.95
  • Low Down Sunflower
    1-Quart $14.95
  • Blue Plumbago
    4-inch Pot As Low As $8.95
  • 'Purple Dragon' Lamium maculatum
    Pack of 6 $24.95
  • Goldspire™ Ginkgo
    Trade Gallon (3qt) $39.95
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View All (48 Items)