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Heuchera Champagne

Heuchera 'Champagne'

Heuchera villosa 'Champagne' PPAF

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You will certainly feel like raising a celebratory glass of bubbly once this stunning Heuchera begins to show off in your garden! Champagne is a villosa hybrid, a selection of the native eastern US species that establishes readily, grows quickly, and puts up with all kinds of hardship. But once you see it in your shade garden, hardship will be the farthest thing from your mind. Champagne is a showstopper, taking pride of place wherever it is planted!

Champagne takes its name from its leaf color, but truth to tell, you can look at this plant every few weeks for an entire year and never see quite the same color play! New spring foliage is a rich peachy apricot with darker red veins -- very showy mid-sized, attractively lobed leaves. From these peach tones it subsides into bright gold with a gleaming whitish overlay. As summer heats up, the gold turns to a paler shade of yellow, the champagne tones of the name. The white veil and outlined veins remain, even as the leaves acquire chartreuse hints. Spectacular!

The foliage may be the scene-stealer, but the blooms are pretty irresistible, too. They are bubbly little drops of pale peach to pink, nearly white, and they arise on eye-catching crimson stems held just a few inches above the mounded foliage. The first show is usually in late spring, with encores in summer and into fall. Champagne is very floriferous, adding much-needed bright dollops of color to the shade.

Like all Heucheras, Champagne is a fast grower, flowering the first season and tolerating heat, humidity, drought, and other stressors. It does need good soil drainage, so make sure your garden offers this -- all the rest is extra! Pop it in a container or find a garden spot in partial to full shade and toast your good fortune as you add Champagne to your permanent garden display. Zones 4-9.