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Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood

Cherokee Brave™ Dogwood

Spectacular Spring and Fall Foliage Changes!

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Plant Patent #10,166. Cultivar name: 'Comco No. 1'

We believe that this is among the most beautiful of all the dogwoods -- no small honor in that crowded, lovely field! Cherokee Brave™ is more vigorous and drought-tolerant than many others, making it an exceptionally good choice for today's thirsty gardens. The flowers are larger and more richly colored than most others, while the fall foliage offers spectacular color changes. An all-around winner in every season!

Even before the tree leafs out in spring, giant deep pink blooms (actually bracts) starred with a white eye cover its branches, each 3 to 4 inches wide and very showy. They last for many weeks, and are followed by bright red fruit that birds adore.

The new spring foliage is colorful too, emerging with bold strokes of burgundy red before turning dark green for summer. When the temperature drops in fall, the leaves change again, this time turning a richer shade of maroon.

Growing to 15 feet high and 15 to 20 feet wide, Cherokee Brave™ has a rounded, naturally symmetrical shape that creates a fine canopy of shade in the garden. It thrives in full sun in cooler climates, preferring a bit of shade in warmer areas, and serves as an understory tree in hot climates.

In winter, when the last brilliant leaf has fallen and the tree is bare, the furrowed gray bark is revealed in an interesting silhouette. There is no season in which this dogwood does not excite interest! A superior performer in dry climates, it also tolerates humidity well, and its native adaptability ensures that it will tackle adversity with vigor. You will fall in love with Cherokee Brave™. Make it your showpiece this season. Zones 5-9.

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Starting Well
Leslie from TX wrote on October 09, 2018:

I'll keep the review area in mind as the beautiful, full happy tree we received from WG goes through our unusually rainy, mild early Fall, to Spring. (It looks like only one bud had set, and since dogwoods set in Fall, we may only have one flower! That's all right the first year, though, to allow it to set it's feet.) This was without doubt, the largest, best looking plant I've ever received through online shipping. I really appreciate the quality plants, (ordered others) and the care taken in packaging. I'll definitely be ordering more from Wayside!