Chester Blackberry Shrub

Chester Blackberry Shrub

Rubus laciniatus Chester

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Finish blackberry season with a special treat -- ultra-sweet, big, plump Chester! This thornless variety is known for its large, sweet berries, very high eating quality and also good for canning and freezing. Extend the blackberry season and finish with a flourish!

This is a thornless blackberry, making picking the berries painless, and the fruit is quite firm, so you don't have to be ultra-gentle to harvest it (a big advantage for children and busy gardeners!). The fruit arises on semi-upright plants that need no support.

Chester boasts excellent yields, probably thanks in part to its resistance to cane blight, a scourge of many a blackberry shrub. It is also self-fertile, but you get a bigger crop when you grow several -- and besides, who could bear to just grow ONE Chester?!

This variety is known for its tolerance of unseasonable heat. Unlike others, its fruit will not lose color or drain juice when conditions get rough. It stays firm, keeping its shape as well as its flavor.

Expect Chester to reach 4 to 5 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide. Hardy to -12 degrees F, it is tolerant of dry and poor soils as well, but will not abide wet feet, especially in winter. So find a well-drained spot for these shrubs and space them about 5 feet apart. They will begin to bear within 1 to 2 years from planting, setting pink flowers in spring before the fruit arises and begins to ripen in midsummer. Prepare for a big harvest every time with Chester! Zones 5-8.