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Viburnum Chindo

Viburnum 'Chindo'

Viburnum awabuki 'Chindo'

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Treat your garden to a glorious evergreen shrub that offers spring variegation, fragrant flowers, and masses of berries beloved of birds and other wildlife! Build a natural habitat around 'Chindo' Viburnum!

This species is tall, dense, and very beautiful, with lustrous dark green foliage. When new leaves open among the old in spring, they often sport reddish tips and blushes that last for several weeks. Very handsome!

Just as the red variegation is fading, fragrant white blooms open up in lovely rounded clusters. They remain for several weeks, carrying the shrub from spring into summer, and are followed by thousands of tiny red berries that eventually turn black. Birds adore these berries and will sing sweetly for you as they feast!

Very low maintenance and quick-growing, Sweet Viburnum is a great choice for any setting. Enjoy year-round beauty that changes with the seasons -- make 'Chindo' part of your sunny to partly shaded landscape! Zones 7-11.