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Chrysanthemum Campfire Glow

Chrysanthemum 'Campfire Glow'

Bicolored blooms in sizzling shades of red and orange radiating from yellow centers

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One of the most popular fall perennials, mums offer late season color when summer blooms have faded. Campfire Glow adds warmth to the autumn garden with sizzling shades of glowing red and orange, radiating from the yellow center of its bicolored blooms.

This chrysanthemum has an upright, slowly spreading habit that works equally well in the landscape, in a patio container, or in a border. It grows vigorously and needs summer pinches to stimulate flowering and encourage branching and a more compact form. To pinch, simply snap off about an inch of the tip of each shoot when it reaches 6 to 8 inches tall and repeat as needed.