Clematis Boulevard® Nubia™

Clematis Boulevard® Nubia™

Clematis 'Evipo0079' NUBIA

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When it comes to regal beauty, Nubia™ takes the crown! This elegant clematis is compact, heavy-flowering, and a delight for patio containers. The deep scarlet flowers with fluffy raspberry centers offer a hint of drama to your garden and because it blooms on both leaf axils and stems you can enjoy full coverage of gorgeous blossoms from top to bottom! This climber can reach heights of 6 feet! Let it grow on a fence or trellis and allow the red blooms stun all who come across it. The vertical interest can even be maintained in a container with a stake. This plant is beautiful and versatile and you won't be able to get enough of the rich crimson flowers. Nubia is fast-growing, deciduous and very easy to maintain. It flourishes in well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. For best results keep roots cool and the top in full sunlight. Pruning group 2.