Clematis 'Duchess of Edinbugh'

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It makes sense that Duchess of Edinburgh originated in the United Kingdom. It may also explain why it adds such a regal touch to the garden. A deciduous large-flowered climber, this classy clematis blooms in May and repeats in June and September. The early bloom presents 4- to 6-inch, rosette-shaped double blooms with layers of recurved silvery white petals and white filaments and creamy yellow anthers at their centers. The later flushes produce semi-double or single-petaled blooms. The flowers have strong stems and a long vase life.

Plant it near any structure it can freely climb, or plant it along a retaining wall, in a decorative container, or in a hanging basket and allow it to gracefully cascade over the edge.

This is a relatively low maintenance woody vine that grows well in a wide range of climatic zones, so it's a good choice for the novice gardener. It belongs to pruning group 2, flowering on old and new wood, so light pruning after flowering is recommended.