Clematis durandii Blue Clematis

Clematis durandii Blue Clematis
Clematis durandii Blue Clematis

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Zones 5 - 9 | Superb for Cut Flower Arrangements
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Key Characteristics

5 - 9

Mature Height

10 Feet

Mature Width

6 Feet

Sun / Shade

Full Sun

Soil Type

Normal, loamy

Description / Clematis durandii Blue Clematis

Transform your garden into a botanical masterpiece with the captivating beauty of Clematis durandii. Picture delicate periwinkle petals adorned with mesmerizing yellow centers, painting a scene of elegance and grace from early summer to the last days of the season. This exquisite heirloom hybrid, a distant cousin of the timeless C. x jackmanii, stands as a testament to nature's artistry, featuring 4-inch blooms that not only catch the eye but also make for breathtaking cut flowers that last for weeks.

Reaching heights of up to 10 feet, Clematis durandii is a towering marvel that commands attention wherever it grows. While it may be categorized as a nonclinger or nonclimber, don't let that deter you ? with a little support from a trellis or other structure, its vines can be gently guided to ascend and adorn your outdoor spaces with unparalleled beauty. Alternatively, embrace its natural tendency to meander among smaller shrubs, lending a whimsical touch to your landscape like no other.

One of the most remarkable features of this blue clematis is its adaptability. Whether cultivated in a container on a patio or allowed to sprawl gracefully in a garden bed, this resilient plant thrives in various settings, adding a touch of sophistication to any environment it graces. To ensure an abundance of blooms, a simple pruning regimen in early spring, trimming back to 12 inches from the ground, is all it takes to unleash its full flowering potential.

As you welcome Clematis durandii into your garden sanctuary, prepare to be captivated by its large-flowered, double blooms, each one a testament to nature's boundless creativity. With its enchanting periwinkle blue hue and exquisite form, this vine epitomizes the allure of the clematis genus, creating an enchanting tapestry of color and texture that beckons admirers from far and wide.

Let Clematis durandii be the centerpiece of your outdoor haven, a living work of art that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes bursting with beauty and charm.

Zones 5 - 9. What is My Zone?

Knowing the type of clematis vine you have will help you cultivate vibrant and healthy clematis plants. Follow our expert advice that includes Clematis Planting and General Care as well as How to Prune Clematis with instructions for each type of clematis vine. Using these growing tips will ensure a stunning display in your garden season after season.

Product Details

Genus Clematis
Species x durandii
Product Classification Perennials, Plants
Habit Vining
USDA Zone Low 5
USDA Zone High 9
Sun / Shade Full Sun
Clematis Pruning Groups Group 3
Bloom Color Purple
Max Bloom Size 4.00
Bloom Season Start Early Summer
Bloom Season End Late Summer
Foliage Color Dark Green
Special Features Flower
Uses Ornamental, Outdoor, Vines and Climbers
Zone 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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