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Clematis New Love

Clematis 'New Love'

Beautiful and deliciously fragrant!

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Are you looking to fall in love with something new? Look no further than Clematis New Love! Clematis are some of the post popular garden plants and 'New Love' does not disappoint. The star shaped indigo blooms curl delicately backwards and are contrasted against attractive green foliage. Not only are the purple blooms beautiful, they let out a lovely sweet fragrance that will stop anyone passing by in their tracks including hummingbirds who love these flowers. Although 'New Love' attracts hummingbirds and human passerby's, the deer will avoid it and it?s incredibly sun tolerant. This clematis is self-supporting and clump forming that is perfect for small spaces. For best flowering find a well-drained site with a minimum of four hours of sunlight per day, keep the roots cool and moist and you?ll be rewarded with those stunning indigo flowers. Plant 'New Love' somewhere sunny and let yourself fall for how it adds beauty your landscape.