Clematis Sarah Elizabeth

Bushy and Lush | Cold Hardy to Zone 4

Item # 28012
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With a compact habit that's bushy and lush, Clematis Sarah Elizabeth, a vigorous vine, grows quickly, up to 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide, in a variety of soils, including sand, chalk, loam, and clay. Clematis Sarah Elizabeth's leaves are large, and its single flowers are prettily pink with anthers of deep red. Free flowering, it blooms from early summer to early fall.

Control this charming beauty in a container or allow it to amble around the garden. But for something really special, pair it with a climbing rose, allowing the nimble clematis to gracefully twine its way around the sturdy rose stalks. The two will mingle blooms in the early season, but Clematis Sarah Elizabeth will carry it through the hot summer.

Uses: Borders, Beds, Wall Side Borders, Patio Gardens, Containers, Court Yards