Convallaria 'Prolificans'

Fragrant White to Pink Blooms for the Shade

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Lily-of-the-Valley signifies "sweetness" in the Victorian language of flowers, and this double-flowered, ultra-fragrant variety may just be the sweetest of all. The small dangling bells have twice the snowy petals and more than twice the impact of their single-flowered cousins, making Prolificans a star in any shady setting.

Expect this perennial to make its appearance in mid spring, pushing sword-shaped, arching green leaves up through the frosty soil. In most climates it flowers in mis-spring, but in the far north it may not open its buds until late spring; it is cold-hardy into zone 2, and has been known to survive brutal winter temperatures. Prolificans is not a plant for warm climates; it goes only through zone 7 at its very warmest!

The plant is neatly vase-shaped, just 4 to 6 inches high and perhaps 10 inches across, with cascading foliage and a large central cluster of white to cream blooms dangling from arched stems. Cut them for the vase if you like, or let them beautify the shade with their color and scent. They last several weeks, and do a good job of deterring nibbling pests, which dislike the fragrance. You, however, will love the sweet perfume of Prolificans!

Use this shade lover in the border, foundation, and containers. Let it edge pathways or create a drift of color to hide the dying-back foliage of spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips. Ring the mailbox or other garden structures in its fresh greenery and fragrant blooms. Super-easy to grow in just about any well-drained soil, Prolificans tolerates a bit of sun but is happiest in dappled to full shade. What a boon to any garden with shadowed areas that never seem to get enough light!

These bareroot plants are sold in bunches of 3. As easy as bulbs to plant, they will green up in just a few weeks and flower the first spring after planting. Ships as bareroot plants.

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Sandra Gilbert from NH wrote on June 08, 2019:

Just was able to plant the lillies due to our strange weather this year. Will have to wait til next year to see what happens. Great condition and with green growth.

Chris from NC wrote on June 07, 2019:

Plants arrived with about 2" of growth and it was easy to see how best to plant them in an area that gets pretty much full shade. Ordered plants on sale and planted in May, as soon as they arrived. They are growing well, as of June.