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Coreopsis Firefly

Coreopsis 'Firefly'

Coreopsis verticillata 'Firefly' PP #26,295

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Such a lovely update to the traditional big, blowsy Coreopsis with its masses of fine foliage and small flowers! Firefly delights with bright bicolor blooms atop short, sturdy stems. Arising by the hundred, they illuminate the sunny garden and patio pots with brilliant beauty that just keeps coming for 5 months or more!

Firefly is just 10 inches high and not much wider, but packs a lot of buds into that small space. the flowers sit at the tips of the stems and turn upwards to face the sun, giving you the maximum impact: bold dark red centers and bright yellow petals tips!

The show begins in early summer and continues well into fall, particularly if the first blooms are cut or sheared promptly. This carefree perennial is a pollinator magnet, bringing butterflies and bees on the wing into your garden, and helping repel unwelcome pests. Scatter a few Fireflies in the veggie garden too, if you like! Nearby plants will be the better for it!

Give this perennial good soil drainage, plenty of sunshine, and pamper it the first season, to help it get established. After that, it will be quite impervious to heat, humidity, and even drought conditions. So easy, so free-flowering, so long-lived! Firefly will dance its way into your heart. Zones 5-10.