Cornus Ivory Halo®

Dwarf Dogwood | Cold Hardy to Zone 3

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A tatarian dogwood cultivar, this shrubby, deciduous dwarf is a delightful addition to the garden, offering year-round interest. Although vigorous and multi-stemmed, it maintains a compact habit, only growing to about 5 to 6 feet tall and wide. Ovate to elliptic grey-green leaves with creamy white margins turn variable shades in fall, typically purplish reds. Winter exposes bright red stems that are striking against snow covered ground. The shrub blooms in late spring in huge flat-topped clusters of tiny white flowers. The berries that follow are highly ornamental, but birds also find them quite tasty.

Easy to grow, a tidy habit, cool-toned summer foliage, fall color, winter interest, flowers, and fruit—really, what more could you ask for?

Uses: Mass Plantings, Borders, Screens, Specimen Plants, Mixed Beds

Cornus alba, and its associated cultivars, are now classified as a subspecies of Cornus sericea, hence Cornus sericea supsp. sericea. However, the Cornus alba designation is still sometimes used in nursery commerce.