Cuphea Hummingbirds Lunch

Item # 27794
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If you love hummingbirds, hummingbirds love Cuphea Hummingbirds Lunch. Cuphea, also known as the firecracker plant and the cigar plant, loves sunshine, heat, and dry locations. Planted in full sun, in a warm, protected garden spot, Cuphea Hummingbirds Lunch (the name says it all) produces a compact, rounded shrub smothered in tubular (cigar-shaped) cherry-red (like a firecracker) flowers with apricot tips. The flowers are full of the nectar hummingbirds find irresistible, but butterflies and bees like them too. Cuphea Hummingbirds Lunch is long blooming, so it'll keep 'em coming from early spring until fall.

This plant can be used in a variety of ways. It can be grown indoors as a house plant or outdoors in a hanging basket. But to bring in the most pollinators, plant in mass (5-10 plants) in the landscape, alone or with any of our Butterfly Attracting or Hummingbird Lovers plants under the Solutions tab on our homepage.