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Cuprocyparis Golconda

Cuprocyparis 'Golconda'

Cuprocyparis leylandii Golconda

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This lovely conifer is a delightful deviation from traditional evergreens which dominate the market. Its bright yellow-gold foliage shines like a beacon and offers welcome contrast to verdant surroundings. The unique evergreen holds onto its glowing yellow hues all year long, bringing warmth and joy to the barrenness of deep winter landscapes. It grows in an upright habit and can reach heights of 15' to even 60 feet! It's easy to care for and will grow anywhere with good sunlight and moist well drained soil. The conifer has bright green and gold foliage that will light up any spot you decide to plant 'Colconda.' Add it to your landscape to brighten up your garden even during the barest winter months!