Gaillardia REALFLOR® 'Sunset Cutie'

Wrap Yourself Up in This Beautiful Blanket Flower!

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, any eyes that behold this magnificent blanket flower! Its dazzling bi-color display looks gorgeous electrifying the landscape or bursting from a vase. Those pretty ruby and yellow petals attract more than just human eyes, they draw in plenty of butterflies as well! 'Cutie' is an enthusiastic grower with a particularly long bloom time making it a wonderful season extender! As durable as it is lovely, this blanket flower resists deer and rabbits with ease and is incredibly easy to maintain. Find a home for them in normal or sandy soil and don't water it too much because it actually prefers dryer soil. Few perennials are easier to grow than this selection of the native species. It is tolerant of unseasonable heat, humidity, cold, and drought. Poorly fertile soils are no problem. Give this plant plenty of food and water this first season, and it will make itself in home in the sunny perennial border for many years to come. Plant then in masses or tuck them into your borders for a pop of sizzling color!