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Dahlia Fashion Monger and Mary Eveline Mix

Dahlia Fashion Monger and Mary Eveline Mix

Dahlia Fashion Monger / Mary Eveline

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This glorious pair of dahlias are nothing if not attention seeking-and boy to they get plenty of it! Fashion Monger and Mary Eveline are both Collarette dahlias sporting a single row of flat petals and a collar of shorter white florets, which surround their decorative centers. They open their dramatic petals in summer and typically bloom until frost. Both are loved by bees so they are great additions to your pollinator friendly garden as well as your cutting garden. Fashion Monger boasts deep raspberry petals with cream edges and a cream collar while Mary Eveline is a rich plum red with a clean white collar. These dahlias are breathtaking, but thankfully deer don't spare a glance at them. Give them plenty of sunlight, but they do appreciate shade in hotter climates. While they thrive in zones 3-7 during summer, in these lower zones their bulbs will need to be dug up and overwintered then replanted in spring.