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Dahlia Ferncliff Inspiration

Dahlia 'Ferncliff Inspiration'

Large, Sumptuous "Dinner plate" Dahlias

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Gardeners and non-gardeners alike find themselves transfixed by the massive misty lavender blooms of this impressive plant. Aptly known as a "dinner plate dahlia" in summer and fall 'Ferncliff Inspiration' sports some of the largest blossoms we've ever seen -each one reaching up to 10 inches across! This dahlia makes a lot of impact in the garden, but is just as breathtaking in cut flower arrangements. Although it's not fully hardy in the lower zones, this tuberous plant is easily overwintered and well worth that small effort to see their beauty return to your landscape the following season. Ferncliff Inspiration thrives in full sunlight and loamy soil yet it also tolerates sandy and clay soil. This perennial will grow fairly tall, but not particularly wide which is convenient for those of us with smaller gardens. Add these delicious lavender blooms to your landscape for blooms that stand out!