Dahlia Karma Yin Yang

Dahlia Karma Yin Yang

Dahlia 'Karma Yin Yang'

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The decorative dahlia is a dream come true. From its distinctive variegated blooms to its tall, elegant habit, this plant is a masterpiece of botanical progress. Its blossoms are large and simply unignorable sporting scarlet petals with pure white tips that almost look like an optical illusion which you can hardly look away from. Yin Yang is the quintessential addition to the cutting garden as its slender yet sturdy stems and long vase life are head and shoulders above other varieties. Plus, snipping flowers only encourages the growth of even more flowers in the future so it's a win-win no matter how you slice it!

Caring for this dahlia is fairly simple as all it truly needs is consistent moisture and plenty of sunlight, with a little dappled shade in extremely hot areas.