Dahlia 'Red Rock'

Striking Dark Crimson Blooms with White Picotee Edging

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Red Rock is bursting with charisma and a must plant in the summer garden. Each of its explosive blossoms are deep scarlet with pearly white edging along each silky curved petal. These showy blooms range from 4 to 6 inches across and adorn its green foliage like little rubies. Deer don't bother it so you can add it to your wilderness garden without worry. Your vases need a little spicing up and this dahlia is certain to rock your world both indoors and out! Red Rock is a formal decorative dahlia. You can expect this plant to reach about 3 feet high, and it may appreciate support for those big double blooms!

Deer don't bother this dahlia, making it a good choice for open and woodland settings. A long-lasting and beautiful cut-flower, it belongs front and center in your best vases!