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Light Requirements

  • Full Sun
  • Part Shade
  • Shade


  • Compact
  • Mound-shaped

Additional Characteristics

Season Of Interest



Eye-catching foliage, exotic fragrance

Delightful little slow-growing shrubs, Daphne are loved for their attractive foliage (many are evergreen), the exotic fragrance that some of the most popular varieties boast, and their decorative non-edible fruits. Needing little pruning, Daphne are eager to brighten up walkways and borders, or even stand alone as eye-catching container plantings. Many Daphne bloom in late winter or early spring, a trait that's given them the names Winter Daphne or The Romantic Plant, for the blooms that appear near Valentine's Day!

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  • Lilac Daphne
    1-Quart Was $26.95
    Now $16.17
  • Eternal Fragrance Daphne
    1-Quart As Low As $26.95
  • Variegated Daphne
    1-Quart Was As Low As $18.95
    Now As Low As $13.27
  • Daphne Marianni
    1-Quart $26.95
  • Briggs Moonlight Daphne
    1-Quart $22.95
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