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Delosperma Hotcakes® Fig Fusion

Delosperma Hotcakes® 'Fig Fusion'

Delosperma 'Fig Fusion' PPAF

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This enchanting iceplant features numerous, aromatic flowers from early summer through fall that present light fuchsia petals with snowy white centers which end in golden stamen. Each blossom presents an intense, sweet, vanilla fragrance which is the cherry on top of its already enthralling floral display. The succulent foliage is intriguing, handsome, and durable in drought conditions which means it is easy to care for and won't need a ton of watering. It prefers full sun and moist well drained soil and does great most anywhere in the garden including beds, borders, and even containers! Like most iceplants, 'Fig Fusion' is low maintenance, low-growing, and tends to spread, making it a great addition to easy-going gardens. Add it to your landscape today for a pop of bright color and sweet fragrance you won't be able to get enough of!